I am in the middle of a relatively stressful part of my life. I am finishing my master thesis in Sociology, and if I am honest, I think it is one of the most stressful and demanding processes I have ever been in. I wish I were able to deal with my thesis as “just” a rapport, and not stress about it. But somehow this is my final assignment at my university, and my integrity really prompts me to do my absolutely best. And I cannot help but think that I can always do better, that I should put in more hours, more thoughts and just more work. But because I am as stressed and wound up in this process as I am, I also spend quite a lot of time dreaming about travelling. The thought of “getting away” and not having to worry is very, very appealing. Mostly I am dreaming about a Greenland travel. The vast land, the extreme nature, the clear blue sky and the seemingly never ending white landscape is drawing me in, and I think that a Greenland Travel with everything it entails of adventure and silence is everything I need after handing in my thesis. So Maybe I should just go ahead and book this amazing Greenland travel.