I am looking for flights to Nuuk Greenland. I am writing here on the blog in hopes of one or more of you who read the blog has some knowledge on Greenland and maybe knows where and how I can find cheap flight to Nuuk Greenland? Is that a thing you could perhaps help me with? The reason I have this request is because I’ve always dreamt of going to Greenland and I am thinking it’s about time, that I make this dream a reality. One of the reasons why I want to do this now, is because I turned 30 about two weeks ago and I have started to feel like it’s about time, that I start making some of my dreams, come true and doing some of the stuff that I’ve always dreamt of doing but never have done. It is kind of strange how turning a ”sharp corner”, which what I think turning 30 really is, suddenly makes you stop and think about what you have accomplished in your life. I don’t think everyone things this way, but it was certainly my experience. And I actually never expected to react this way, but I certainly did. All of a sudden I have become a little more aware that I have some goals and dreams that I want to accomplish in my life. And in the context of this I have felt the urge to take a closer look at these goals and dreams. Thus I have made a list with the things that I want to do before I die. In English a list like this is called a bucket list

And it is believed that the expression come from ”to kick the bucket”, which in short means to die. My bucket list is actually pretty comprehensive, and after turning thirty it is like I have felt age starting to become an object and something real that should be taken seriously.

The first thing I am planning to cross off my bucket list going to Greenland, once I have found some flights to Nuuk Greenland. I really want to experience everything the vast country has to offer once I am finally there; because there is no doubt that I want to see everything. But even though I have made this decision and that I am really excited about experiencing Greenland and realizing a life long dream, then a large part of me also hopes, that we will get to have more summer this year here in Denmark.

Despite everything, there is in my opinion nothing more beautiful and great than a lovely and warm Danish summer, where you can spend time on the beach, lots of ice-cream and barbeques with family and friends.